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outside at homeHome. Not a hospital, not an institution, but your home, those familiar surroundings filled with the people, memories, and things that are important to you, the place where you’re most comfortable. No wonder health care providers are discovering that patients often recover most effectively when they’re at home.

But recovering at home doesn’t mean you don’t need the professional care hospitals and other institutions can provide. We know that, and that’s where we come in, offering the best of both worlds: your home and expert medical care tailored specifically to your needs.

Just who are we? We are Home Care Network, a local home health agency that provides a variety of coordinated health services to people requiring at-home medical attention and to those confined to their home due to sickness or disability.

Of course, while we’re ready to coordinate the at-home medical services you need, we understand that allowing health-care providers into your home requires a lot of trust. Who you choose to help you or a loved one recover at home is not a decision to be made lightly. And as more patients choose to recover at home, the choice of home healthcare providers grows, and the options can seem overwhelming. That’s why we want you to know exactly who we are and what we’re about. So explore our website. Read about us and our philosophies. Find answers to your questions and generally get to know us.

You’ll find that we are dedicated to giving personalized, focused care to each recovering individual, and because we’re a local home health agency, we know our community and its resources and are able to provide professional home health services you can be comfortable with, whatever your needs. And once you’re comfortable, we hope you’ll contact us.


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