Our Founder

Belinda May, Owner, Chief Operations Officer

Belinda May founded Home Care Network in 1999 after recognizing a need in the southern sector for improved in-home health care. Starting with just one patient, after 20 years Home Care Network is now serving over 750 patients, have three locations and over 130 employees that serves in 33 North Texas counties. She has extensive experience in every aspect in home health, including billing, reimbursement, clinical care, marketing, advertisement, agency start-up and the facilitation of home health mergers and acquisitions and the list goes on.

Belinda May is so focused on new business development and expanding market opportunities and truly believes that community relations are the key to success. She has built numerous relationships with city officials by being active in her community. Not only is she involved in her community, she wanted to better assist her patients and staff and therefore she enrolled in a fast track RN program to have the clinical knowledge and experience and is now an Registered Nurse. She didn't want to just be a CEO that only looks at policies and procedures; she wanted to know more about the clinical component to be able to explain to city leaders the need for her company's services. "Our patients may have insulin they need, but not the syringes or they may have to decide between medication and food. When I can better understand their needs, I can better serve them and improve my community." says Belinda.

Mrs. May has earned several accolades for her success as a business owner and has been recognized for her community involvement and leadership in the Dallas Metroplex so much so that the City of Desoto has declared February 9th, Belinda May Day. She is a pillar in the community and will do all that's needed to ensure patients get the proper care they need and that the families have the best healthcare support system they need.

"We take anyone who is in need, even patients with the most complex issues, which is what separates us."
-Belinda May