A testimonial from the family of patient Jim. Home Care services delivered out of our Greenville, TX office by our associate Deronda, recipient of the following note On October 2, 2009: Dee,

I just wanted you to know that I truly appreciate what you are doing with my Father. Every day that you visit, both my Father and Mother talk so highly of you and what you do for them.

This past episode has really scared both of them, especially right now as in 2 weeks they will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary and I know my Father just didn't think he would make it to see that day. My Father has been saying for some time that he has lived a wonderful life, and if the Lord is ready for him to come home,he is ready too. My Father said he has been blessed and has never been sick a day in his life until now - he didn't even take Tylenol before he got sick. So, having his body do funny things and shut down sometimes, he is really getting scared.

I know as a nurse you need to be compassionate, but I tell you, you go above and beyond that with my parents and I truly appreciate it. You are just "Wonderful!" per my Mother.

Mother told me they both kind of started to cry yesterday but you made it a point to stay with them; and comfort them and give them a big smile. You just can't imagine what that is meaning to them - and me. I want to be with them all day long, but can't and knowing that you are giving such great care, I can breathe (and work) a little better. I am truly thankful to be working for a great company that employs such compassionate and wonderful people.

Thank you again for everything you do and I hope that Dad doesn't give you too much trouble - since he does like to kid around and cause trouble sometimes - on his good days!


I am writing this letter because I am so grateful to God and my Savior Jesus Christ for the service I have received from his agency.

My Therapist, Harry Cruz, I believe was handpicked by God just for me. His professionalism is remarkable. He displays a great knowledge in his profession. He is patient and kind, very respectful, compassionate and understanding. He is always prompt and on time. He has a way of encouraging his client to strive for the best results, and at the same time he has the ability to know when not to push. Last but not least he is a good listener. Harry is incredible, a a very outstanding employee that Home Care Network should be happy and proud that he is a part of your company. My prayer is that God will continue the bless him / Harry, that God's favor be on his / Harry life.

Thank you for assigning Harry Cruz to me as my Therapist during this difficult time, he has been an inspiration and a great help in my healing process. Personally, I thank God for Harry, for my Lord knows exactly what and who I need in my life at all times. God sent me one of His angles.

I would also like to make known my appreciation for Hayley, the Admissions Coordinator, She was great when she came out to admit me and when she came to evaluate my progress.

Good, caring, honest, hardworking employees are hard to find these days I think Harry and Hayley are just about as good as they come.

Ms. Kathy E. Norwood

Dear Ms. Cost:

I am pleased to be able to report to you on the commendable performance of one of your Physical Therapist employees; Ms. Hayley Cruz.

Ms. Cruz was assigned to my case as a physical therapist after I had total knee replacement surgery. I has serious trepidation about the surgery and its outcome because of my age and physical fitness. When I was released from the hospital it was my fear that I would remain unable to recover my ambulatory skills-even at a diminished level. Ms. Cruz was able to allay my fears and put me on a positive track towards full recovery. She achieved this by dint of her knowledge base, her professionalism, her positive attitude and an overall pleasant demeanor. Because of her leadership and support over the 3 months of rehabilitation I have met-perhaps exceeded-my doctor's expectation for recovery.

Betty Lavallee

Ms. Johnson told me that Allison was very attentive to her and she was a very good nurse and HCN was blessed to have her on our team. Thank you, Allison for caring for our HCN patients and going the extra mile. We appreciate you !

Pat Johnson, HCN patient, of Allison, R.N. (Lufkin)

I want to express how grateful we are to have Ms. Linda as a nurse. Ms. Linda is amazing, she is reliable, very dependability. She is a great communicator , keep me updated with anything going on with Shelia. She has a happy-go- lucky attitude and a genuine desire for her job. She exhibit a positive spirit at all times. We are very impress with the care and passion she provide to Shelia!

Teresa S.